World Heritage Site; Nagasaki Sotome Tour Promotion Video

This is a digest version of tour in Sotome area, one of the hidden Christian sites In Nagasaki, Japan. Our online tour and actual tour will be coming soon!!

K-iTG バーチャルツアー 始まります!
第一弾は 長崎県 長崎市外海地区の潜伏キリシタン関連遺産ツアーです。

Thank you for watching our promotional video of the K-iTG virtual tour in Sotome, Nagasaki.
Christianity was introduced to Japan in the 16th century. Initially most Japanese leaders welcomed the arrival of Europeans in the age of discovery. But eventually the ban on Christianity was strictly enforced in the 17th century. Many Christian people organized religious groups and went underground to keep their faith secretly.

Sotome is one of the hidden Christians sites in Nagasaki and the setting of the novel “Silence” written by Endo Shusaku, which is also became a movie directed by Martin Scorsese.

This virtual tour of Sotome offers a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery, to learn about the special history of this place in more detail, and to meet with warm-hearted local people, such as a descendant of Hidden Christians and a Catholic nun. Won’t you come with me on this tour?

I’d love to show you around! Please join us!


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