A special KABUKI offer for foreigners at \9,000 per person.

You can watch and experience KABUKI, a traditional Japanese opera in Hakata, Fukuoka in June, November, and March. These seats usually cost \18,000 per person, BUT you can obtain it much cheaper via this ticket desk. It is an official ticket. You can go there with your Japanese family members and friends at the same price (up to 2 Japanese people per foreigner). Please invite them and watch a Kabuki performance together.

Date 6/2-26   afternoon 11:00-15:30 including a 15 min and a 30 min break,

or evening  16:30-21:00 including a 15 min and a 30 min break

(Evening seats are NOT available on June 21st.)

Title: “Kinkakuji(The Golden pavilion)” and others. Please see the attached application form for details

Please apply several days in advance of your request day by filling in this

Application Form

form (you need your google account to use it) or send the PDF file or the JPEG file of this form to kabuki@k-itg.or.jp after filling it in.

We’ll check the available seats, and notify you.

Please pay the fee by credit card or bank transfer. (Excl. administration fee)

After confirming your payment, we will send you the voucher by e-mail. Please exchange it with the tickets at the ticket counter of Hakata-za, the venue on the day.


You can check currently available seats on this site.

Kyushu Association of Interpreters, Translators, and Guide-Interpreters


Email: kabuki@k-itg.or.jp