Enjoy English Guided Kabuki in Hakataza!

Sunday, June 9, 2019 from 10:00~ /15:30~

Would you like to watch and experience Kabuki, a traditional Japanese performance art?
The program we have available at the Hakataza in June includes famous plays with eye-catching sets, performed by brilliant Kabuki actors.

The special offer we have available includes an admission for an A-class seat (usually costing 18,000 yen), an explanation of the history of Kabuki, highlights of the program in English as well as guidance inside the Hakataza theatre.

– Special Ticket –
1.English guided Kabuki in Hakataza!

■ Date: Sunday, June 9, 2019

Time: Daytime Performance: from 10:00 / Evening Performance: from 15:30

Meeting place: in front of the ticket booth in Hakataza theatre (Shimo-Kawabata 2-2, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City)

■ Fee: 11,000 yen Includes: A-class ticket (usually costing 18,000 yen); Explanation of Kabuki in English; Highlights of the show; Guidance inside Hakataza Theatre before the performance.

  Note : Explanation and guidance before the performance will be conducted in English.

(A) Daytime Performance

Please gather in front of the Hakataza ticket booth at 10:00.

10:00 – Explanation of the history of Kabuki and highlights of the program Guidance through the theatre and shops

11:00 to 15:30 – Kabuki play performance

(B) Evening Performance

Please gather in front of the Hakataza ticket booth at 15:30.

15:30 – Explanation of the history of Kabuki and highlights of the program Guidance through theatre and shops.

16:30 to 21:00 – Kabuki play performance


Please apply for this special offer through the website shown below by Saturday, June 8, 17:00.

Note: For G20-related participants, please contact the G20 tourist information center if you have any questions.

Program and Highlight

(A)Daytime performance (curtain time 11:00)

1. Kinkaku-ji 11:00 – 12:35 (95 minutes)

A play set in the famous Kinkaku-ji, Golden Pavilion, in Kyoto. The highlight is the outstanding stage set.

(30-minute break)

2. Yasuna 13:05 – 13:30 (25 minutes)

This dance performance expresses the pathos of Yasuna, who follows the phantom of his deceased girlfriend through a field of canola flowers.

(15-minute break)

3. Nozarashi Gosuke 13:45 – 15:30

(105 minutes)

The play expresses the coolness of an exceptionally handsome man which culminates in a spectacular fight scene.

(B) Evening performance (curtain time 16:30)

1. Yaegiri Kuruwa Banashi 16:30 – 17:40 (70 minutes)

This play demonstrates the sadness of a courtesan in a pleasure district in the Edo period, first through her own words and later through her fight after transforming into a demon.

(30-minute break)

2. Tsuchi Gumo 18:10 – 19:30 (80 minutes)

The fighting scene in this dance drama depicts a beautiful style of Kabuki with classic techniques such as the sprinkling spider silk.

(20-minute break)

3. Gonza-To-Sukeju 19:50 – 21:00 (70 minutes)

A comedy which vividly describes the lives of common people in the big city of Edo, present day Tokyo, one of the biggest cities in the world back in the 18th century.

英語ガイドが案内 博多座で歌舞伎を楽しもう!

2019年6月9日(日)10時~ または 15時30分~

昼の部)10時集合 歌舞伎の歴史や見どころを英語で説明。館内案内後11時から歌舞伎鑑賞。

夜の部)15時30分集合 歌舞伎の歴史や見どころを英語で説明。館内案内後11時から歌舞伎鑑賞。


一般社団法人 九州通訳・翻訳者・ガイド協会 ホームページ

博多座六⽉⼤歌舞伎 演⽬のご案内
— ⾦閣寺 11:00 ~ 12:35(95分)

(休憩 30分)

⼆ 保名 13:05 ~ 13:30(25分)

(休憩 15分)

三 野晒悟助 13:45 ~ 15:30(105分)

— ⼋ 重 桐 郭 噺 16:30 ~ 17:40(70 分 )

(休憩 30分)

⼆ ⼟蜘 18:10 ~ 19:30(80分)

(休憩   20分)

三   権左と助⼗ 19:50 ~ 21:00(70分)


K-iTG 「通訳案内士試験 直前模試講座」 

K-iTG 「通訳案内士試験 直前模試講座」 at 協会会議室


本番と同じボリュームの模試&解説の直前対策講座 受けたい科目を選んで受講できます。



実務 9:30~10:20 試験&解説

会員 3,000円 ( 税込3,240円 ) 非会員 3,500円 ( 税込3,780円 )

地理   10:30~12:00 試験&解説

会員 4,000円 ( 税込4320円 ) 非会員4,500円 ( 税込4,860円 )

8月 4日(日)

歴史 9:30~11:00 試験&解説

会員 4,000円 ( 税込4,320円 )  非会員 4,500円 ( 税込4,860円 )

一般教養 11:10 ~12:00 試験&解説

会員 3,000円 ( 税込3,240円 ) 非会員3,500円 ( 税込3,780円 )


【 講師紹介 】 平川敬介(ひらかわ・けいすけ)全国通訳案内士(韓国語)KO0058
高校生向け全国模試(地歴・公民)編集などの経験を生かし、福岡市内の大学課外講座などで全国 通訳案内士試験対策講座を担当。
著書に『600 字で書く文章表現法』、訳書に『キムサンギュ教授のことわざ経済学』がある

【 お申し込み 】





実務 001163 / 地理 001168 / 歴史 001169 / 一般教養 001170 /        両日4科目 / 001171